Sunshine Pool Table

Sunshine Pool Table

Sun Shine Pool table is manufactured using only the finest raw materials. Itís made from selected hardwood for the body, cushions & frame. It has a simple design and shape in the lower body and Genuine leather shielded pockets are color matched to each table. Genuine 19mm marble is used for the table which come in 1 piece. This playing bed are diamond honed and precision leveled for a truly level playing surface. Cushions come in L-shaped and itís made from 100% natural gum rubber. This table includes best quality 22.75 OZ cloth (70% wool / 30% nylon) for excellent playability & durability.

Table cloth can be of your choice

Specifications Body Colors available Black *Brown *Natural.

Specifications cloth color available *C-Green *Green *Blue *Navy Blue *Aquamarine *Maroon.

With Free Standard Accessories.