About Us

August 1985 a company with just conventional activity was launched specializing in interior labor and turnkey contracts.Over the years, this company bloomed one that was involved in contracts for many reputed companies and individuals thus the focus being to provide everything. Thus having excelled in the interior industry the company realized the boom in the pool and billiard table industry and started Prime Leisure as a manufacturers of Pool and Billiard tables. Due to high pre-cision & best of material selection, our products have carved a nice in Indian industries. Our identity is the hallmark of quality indoor sports products in both Indian and Global market. Now the company stands for creating high performance, high quality components that would cater to a very complex and dynamic markets, with quality craftsmanship and our services. We have exported our products to U.S.A., U.K., France, Canada, Spain, Germany, Italy, South Africa, Finland, Cyprus, Estonia, U.A.E, Bahrain, Kuwait, Maldives, Sri lanka, Bangladesh. At the end of the day, our only assets are our clients and our reputation. We need to exceed each and every expectation that our client has - this means we alsohave to anticipate and manage future expectations.

Now we have a wealth of experience in pool and snooker and as a company, our aim is to supply the best possible quality at the best possible price. This continuing growth is routed in our commitment to our customer's and their ever evolving needs. Whatever in indoor games requirement you can depend upon US to deliver with precision.

The three important Chapters of our Success story:
Best Quality:
Our products are made from high quality raw materials and are prepared by specially trained skillful laborers. The product goes through stringent quality checks in post-manufacturing phase to guard against manufacturing defects before they hit the market. It's our uncompromising quality and prompts service that has helped us to boom in Indian but also global market.

Our infrastructural strength comprises not only of high-tech machinery but also superb work environment. Our company has a team of specialized and experienced work force our machinery is worth a special mention due to the attention we accord to them. Each of our machines is constantly kept under the observation of experts who not only detect the faults but also rectify them. We also inform higher authorities as and when a gadget is deemed obsolete or beyond repair.

Our products find ready acceptance and are highly appreciated by billiard enthusiasts across the globe. Thanks to the satisfactory quality of our products. Our client base is a combination of both-Concentration of  new clients and Retention of the existing ones.