Dynamic Star Pool Table

Dynamic Star Pool Table

Dynamic Star Pool Table have a different design and shape. Body of the table is made from plywood. The table comes with a plain top corners. Table have a special type leg stand which is made from plywood having an elegant style. Genuine 19mm marble is used for the table which come in 1 piece. This playing bed are diamond honed and precision leveled for a truly level playing surface. Cushions come in K-66 Rubber Profile and itís made from 100% natural gum rubber. This table includes best quality 22.75 OZ cloth (70% wool / 30% nylon) for excellent playability & durability. The table is also available in a different range of Colors. Top and Side Corners are made from dia cast zinc alloy, dia cast aluminum, s.s strip.

Table cloth can be of your choice.

This model have two types " One Side Collection Model and Simple Model ". In O.S.C. table all the balls are collected at One Side from the one main pocket. With Our R&D Team We Have prepared A new Collection Profile For Ball Collection In Which It Protects The Balls From Internal Scratches And Also Maintain The Shinning Of The Ball.

Simple table comes with six web pockets. In simple balls are collected from each individual web pocket.

Specifications laminate color available *Black *Teakwood *Brown *Venge.

Specifications cloth color Available *C-Green *Green *Blue *Navy Blue *Aquamarine *Maroon.

With Free Standard Accessories.